Rader level sensor

FMCW Rader for Level

Technologies, Solutions, and Applications

Genoth Series

R-Genoth900 being an FMCW(Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) type radar level gauge offers the highest standard of non-contact level metering technology for liquids and solids without any compromise in the performance with an aeeuraey also suitable for Custody transfer measurement.

R-Genoth 900

  • Non-contact level transmitter for liquids and solids
  • Not influenced by dielectric constant, temperature, pressure and density variations
  • Accuracy up to ±1mm
  • Measuring range up to 30m
  • Flange temperature up to 250℃
  • ZIGBEE, HART, LAN, 400Mhz, RS485

Land Sector

Maritime Sector