R&D Center


The RFID/USN area of the ubiquitous environment is progressing the integration of various technological areas in the coming future; thus, it will be necessary to develop the technology of the base and elements. Therefore, Sandeul Information Communication Co., Ltd. has established the corporate affiliated research institute and formed the human resources dedicated for research due to the needs of developing the integration based technology and the elemental technology, and the company has been conducting research and development of the technology based on the sensor network of the RFID/USN and the relevant element technology.

As for the company's R&D activities, it is carrying out the research and development of the inventory management system for oils based on the wireless sensor network. As a result, the company has developed the technology to address inconveniences due to the existing manual work and the connection to cables and support for a rapid inventory management; thereby, contributing to the relevant industry with the technical assistances. In addition, as for the location-based service, the company, with its consistent research activities, has developed the solution for safety service, which was absolutely needed for kids, elderly and women who would be vulnerable to risky situations; thus, it has been striving to focus on the development of technologies, which would be indeed required by the society.

Required functions of RFID/USN

  • Configuration function of sensor network: data transfer technology through communication distance and repeater
  • Design and production of tag: hardware design of safety zone tag and implementation function of relevant F/W
  • Configuration of location and data management function
  • User/administrator access and information offering function
  • Numerous tags and data communication function between middlewares
  • Integration with the existing system and data sharing function
  • Wireless data encryption function


Hardware design related to
Wireless data
encryption function
Multiple connections and
data processing capacity
Remote software management
and control function
Location verification and sensor
control function
Height measurement technology
through magnetostriction method