Wireless d-TMS

Wireless d-TMS solution

Realization of efficiency and informatization of logistics management through integrated stock management

Digital Tank
Measurement System

Cost Reduction
  • Saving installing cost & construction time by wireless technology
  • Maintenance of the installation of the equipment sold on gas stations operationg
  • Optimize proper inventory & just in time order control
Failure Prediction
  • Support execution & maintenance by real-time control
  • Realization of modernization of facilities through management of history of maintenance repairs
  • Improved scheduling of technical personnel via remote fault diagnosis
Business Management
  • Implementing process automation interfacing with business system
  • Achieve the operation efficiency by real-time inventory & status monitoring
  • Completely block the inventory fraud in all time
Productivity Improvement
  • Ensuring scalability through the introduction of a standardized system
  • Efficiency improvement via real time accessibility for operator and administrator
  • Maximize the operational efficiency by Information Technology
Inventory Management Services
Customer Care Services
Car wash Management Services
Billing Management Services
Lighting Management Services
Sales Management Services

Modernization & Automation


Product : Genoth

  • Apply 2.4GHz wireless technology & implementing extremely low power circuit
  • Accurate sense of oil, temperature, water by magnetostrictive type
  • Implementing ±0.3mm resolution
  • Able to access multiple sensors concurrently by multi-protocol of wireless
  • Dramatically reduced installation cost & able to construct during station operation
  • Able to alter the sensing period by remote configuration

Model : SD-LS-100

Sensor Type Specification
Sensor Type Magnetostrictive / Float (Oil, Water, Temperature)
Resolution of level changes ±0.03mm
Level Resolution ±0.025%
Power & Battery DC 7.2V, 16A (Rechargeable)
Consuming Current (Sensor/Transmit) Under 26mA/Under 20mA
Wireless IEEE 802.15.4(Zigbee): 2405MHz~2480MHz
Antenna Circular patch antenna, 5dBi
Material Anodized AL


Product : D2S(Device To Service)

  • Real-time data acquisition & send to management server
  • Data processing & field display
  • Store the collected data within specified period
  • Providing application bundles by customer requirement(CRM, Car Wash, Etc)
  • Optional built-in display with touch panel

Model : SD-GW-120

Parameter Specifications
OS Ubuntu 10.4
Window Manage SWT/Web Browser
Language Multi language-1Byte, 2Bytes
H/W Specifications CPU:32bit RICS ARM920T, MEM:SDRAM 128MB/Flash 128MB
Interface:Ethernet, USB.2*Serial, 802.15.4, 2.4GHz Wireless Zigbee
Built-in 10.4" LCD Monitor with touch pad
Function LED (Wireless RX/TX, System Power status)
Function Switch:Power Key Button:Screen Saver Wake up
12V/1.2A DC Power

Management Server

Product : IFTM(Intergrated Fuel Tank Manager)

  • Automated real-time inventory & status monitoring
  • Figuring out the proper stock by analyzing the spending pattern in each tank
  • Deduce the time of purchasing of oil on the basis of the quantity of oil stock
  • Providing various reports by analysis & manipulation of aggregated data
  • Completely block the fraud of asset by controlling in/out inventory
  • Leak detection by continue monitoring and statistical analysis

Model : SD-MS-200

Item Specifications
OS Window Server 2003
Window Manage SWT/Web Browser
Language Multi language-1Byte, 2Bytes
Major Function Sensor Monitoribg-Graphic or Text
Environment Setting-Remote control by remote access
Date acquisition/analysis/report-Various type of statistical chart, graph
Management function-Central management of device status
Maintenance-Establishing predicted maintenance by accumulated information
Operation efficiency-Interfacing with business system in enterprise

Construction product


Product : Genoth Repeater

  • RF signal amplifying in RF blind area
  • Wireless extension by signal routing for Non-Los(Line of Sight) area
  • Easy & convenient to install & maintain by compact design with built-in antenna
  • Optionally, able to design the solar cell with backup battery system

Model : SD-RP-500

Parameter Specifications
Wireless Standard IEEE 802.15.4 Zigbee
Operating Frequency 2405~2480MHz, 16 channels
Bandwidth/RF output 1MHz, 1~10mW
Range Built Ant.:under200m, External Ant:under500m
Data Rate 250Kbps
Modulation DSSS(Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
Mounting Wall or Pole mounting
Ground Antenna

Product : Ground Antenna

  • Circular patch antenna for laying under ground
  • Easy to install by guiding design and convenient to maintain
  • No risk of break by movement of vehicles with sliding design of outer case
  • Complete water-proof structure, protected water in heavy rain

Model : SD-AN-200

Parameter Specifications
Operating frequency 2.4~2.48GHz
Bandwidth 80MHz
V.S.W.R Under 1:1.5
Gain Peak gain Under 8dBi
Axial ratio Under 5dB
Input Impedance 50ohm
Polarization Circular/RHCP
Material FR4
Size/Weight 80(dia.)x1.6(T)mm / 200±0.2(g)