CEO's greeting

Sandeul Information Communication Co.,Ltd will do the best to be an enterprise
that aims for moving the hearts of cumstomers as management objectives and looks
at the world from the center of u-Life.

I am Hyun Ju Kim, the CEO of Sandeul Information Communication Co.,Ltd.

"The competitiveness of the IT industry is found in the prompt dealing with the changes with no fear"

With the rapid development of IT technology, the world is going through an unprecedented rapid changes. Especially, in the age of IT convergence in which different industries and IT technologies mingle each other and develop, the greatest competitive power of an IT enterprise is the thought that it will be a leader in its own field as a primary agent of change without fear of the things new.

Sandeul Information Communication Co.,Ltd. makes every effort to become a company that will always stand by the customers through hard work and initiative for building IT services to move the hearts of customers without fear of the new changes.

Please cheer up the courage and passion of Sandeul Information Communication Co.,Ltd. that is moving forward to become a competitive IT company with the management objectives of moving the hearts of customers based on trust.

Thank you.

CEO & Chairman, Sandeul Infromation
HyunJu Kim